Beyblade challenge

For those Beyblade fans out there, I challenge you to an online Bey contest. Lets see whose Beys can spin the longest. So time your Beys and comment on how long they can spin. For example if your Bey spins 2 and a half minutes (which most cant do). Post it and lets compare our Beyblade skills.This contest will be on the honor system. The competition will last April 28 2014 through June 28 2014.

Beyblade Phantom Orion

I ordered Phantom Orion and he is awesome. He beat my most powerful custom Beyblade and spun 2 more minutes after winning. He looks really cool but has stickers that fall off.This is my favorite Beyblade that I have so far and the most powerful. You can turn his metal upside down to change his modes.bey

Japanese Beyblades

I recently found out that Amazon sells Japanese Beyblades. I bought one and compared it to the American version and the Japanese version spun longer, hit harder, and looked a lot more realistic.The Japanese Beys have a lot of stickers that tend to fall off but are much better than the American Beyblades.

I am going to buy Phantom Orion soon. I have heard that he can spin up to 7 to 12 minutes. I will enjoy doing a review on him very much.