The Hypixel server

Before I start I want to say that I am sorry for not posting for over a year but I should (hopefully) post at least 1 time a month.


If you play Minecraft you might play on servers, because I know I do. My favorite server is Hypixel. Hypixel is a server for anyone that loves minecraft because it has player vs player games, building games, and much more. This is a guide on how to add, play on, and most importantly have fun on.

Step 1. Adding the server

If you want to join Hypixel but don’t know how, follow these steps. 1. Open up Minecraft and go to multiplayer. 2. Click add server 3. Type the name of the server 4. Then type in the server ip it is Then click done, the server should have appeared in your server list.

Step 2. How to play

Once you have added the server either double click the server icon or click it once and then click the button on the bottom left that says “join server” and click it. It might take a minute but you should eventually join the server. It should put you in the main lobby.



The Main Lobby



You could explore or you could just go into a game. If you want to join a game click the compass in your hot bar. It will put up a bunch of different games, with each game having a different icon, like Blitz Survival Games is a diamond sword, Skywars is a eye of ender, The Arcade Games is a slimeball, Mega walls is soul sand and Smash Heroes is a spiderman head, ect ect. Click on the icon of the game you want to play and it will transport you to that lobby run towards (or fly if you have a rank) the signs.  There will usually be different modes represented by each sign, examples skywars has solo normal, solo insane, mega, team normal and team insane. Click on the sign of the mode you want to play and you will be transported to that game. It might take a moment for the game to start because you need to wait on enough players to join. Then the game will start it might take you a few games to understand how to play the game but hey, I’m not gonna spoil it for you.

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Hope you have fun! 🙂



Blitz Survival Games

How To Begin Mining In Minecraft

To begin and survive in Minecraft you need one important thing, wood. When you first spawn in Minecraft go to a tree, punch the tree and pick up the wood. Then go to craft and make 4 wooden planks.

Next use the wooden planks to make a crafting table. Once you have crafted your crafting table, place your crafting table on the ground. Then get 4 more wooden blocks and tap on your crafting table. Craft a stick and a wooden pickax. You can use the pickax to go mining explore and pick up cobblestone blocks.

Use the crafting table again to make a stone pickax and go back to the tunnel you made when mining. Then expand your mine and try to find 3 iron ores. They look like stone blocks with tan color dots in then. Then craft a furnace and smelt the iron ores until they turn into iron ingots. Use these to make an iron pickax which is the second best pickax in Minecraft. In case you have never found a gold ore they are terrible for making tools and are really flimsy and never last long. Wooden tools are better than gold but the best and greatest of them all is the diamond. these make the best and longest lasting tools and armor. You need a stone pickax to pick up iron ores, a iron pickax to pick up gold and diamond.


Minecraft is a game were you can destroy or build anything. When you first start playing Minecraft you are a guy called Steve, but you can change and customize your character. There are 2 different worlds in Minecraft, creative (my favorite) and survival. In creative mode you have limitless energy and in survival you can die and you have to make everything. If you have iphone, ipad, ipod or any other device you can download Minecraft for $6.