How To Begin Mining In Minecraft

To begin and survive in Minecraft you need one important thing, wood. When you first spawn in Minecraft go to a tree, punch the tree and pick up the wood. Then go to craft and make 4 wooden planks.

Next use the wooden planks to make a crafting table. Once you have crafted your crafting table, place your crafting table on the ground. Then get 4 more wooden blocks and tap on your crafting table. Craft a stick and a wooden pickax. You can use the pickax to go mining explore and pick up cobblestone blocks.

Use the crafting table again to make a stone pickax and go back to the tunnel you made when mining. Then expand your mine and try to find 3 iron ores. They look like stone blocks with tan color dots in then. Then craft a furnace and smelt the iron ores until they turn into iron ingots. Use these to make an iron pickax which is the second best pickax in Minecraft. In case you have never found a gold ore they are terrible for making tools and are really flimsy and never last long. Wooden tools are better than gold but the best and greatest of them all is the diamond. these make the best and longest lasting tools and armor. You need a stone pickax to pick up iron ores, a iron pickax to pick up gold and diamond.