Lego Chima Summer 2014 Sets Coming In August

I found some of the summer 2014 sets for the Lego Chima series coming in August,  and the plot for the Lego TV show as well. After the final battle with the scorpions, spiders and bats Chima divided in half and an orb of Chi fell into the middle of Chima awakening some of the legendary tribes. The Vultures, saber-tooth tigers and the leader of the new bad guys the wooly mammoth tribe. These new tribes tried to take over the world of Chima but some more new tribes were awakened the leopards and phoenixs these tribes helped the good guys so now it is fire v.s. ice who will win. Now lets go on to some of the new sets.

Vardys Ice Vulture Glider

Vardy is speeding away with the leopards Chi. Lunder the leopard is working in his mini weapon forge when Vardy flies by give chase with Lunder suddenly Vardy fires flick missiles and Lunder barely dodges. After a while Lunder wins and brings victory for his tribe. This set comes with 2 mini figs and  has 217 peices and is 20 dollars.

Eris Fire Eagle Flyer

Lagravis king of the lion tribe has been captured by the fierce saber-tooth tiger Strainer. Save him with Eris in her fire eagle flyer. Change to fire Chi mode and soar high over Chima, when Strainer is in your sights aim the missiles and fire! Send that Chi stealing thief back to where he came from. Free the lion king from his icy cage, and fly away after saving the day. The flaming jet has 330 is normally $.30 and comes with 3 mini-figs Eris, Lagravis and strainer.

The last set I’m going to do a review on is called Sir Fangers Saber-tooth walker.

This set is the biggest I am reviewing at $.40 and has 415 pieces and 3 mini-figs Gorzan, Sir Fanger  and Stealhor. Gorzan has been captured help him break free with his giant blayzhamma. Sir Fanger attacks in his Saber-tooth walker and fires his icy missiles and Gorzan rolls out of the way Sir Fanger sends a mini detachable motor bike who will win this fight only YOU can decide who will this fight. who will win fire or ice? I only did a review for every set only half of the sets. So I will do part 2 soon so get ready for that. These sets will be coming in August. They will also be making 7 Chi-ups and a few speedorz. I will try to do a review on those later. So we will all be looking forward for that.

The Lego Movie Bad Cops Pursuit Set

I jus-1t get a epic Lego set from the Lego Movie them. The set is based on the desert world from the Lego Movie. Bad Cop is after the master builders and Emmet is trapped on an abandoned railroad track With super secret police alligators underneath him. Then Bad Cop fires lasers and the railroad collapses.



-2The set includes bad cop super secret police car the has flip lasers. And has some nice police car lights and the side and on the head of the car. This model includes 2 mini figs Emmet and Bad cop and 2 police alligators.


Bad Cop has a double sided head that changes him to good cop. The set comes with a new blaster that can really shoot. The railroad has a collapsing function. The Set is 30 dollars and has 314 pieces witch in my opinion is a good deal. It can be found in toy stores such as Target, Toysrus and Walmart.