Nerf Rampage and Retaliator Comparison

Some Nerf guns are better than others some are good for stealth missions like Strongarm and Retaliator where Rampage, Roughcut and Stampede are good for an all on war. So I am here to do a review on some of my favorites and will let you decide which is better. Lets start with Rampage this is my absolute favorite Nerf gun they made in 2013. This gun can hold 25 darts and can shoot them super fast in a slam fire and can shoot all the darts in about 15 seconds. Or you can save them and shoot them one at a time because it takes mine about 2 and a-half minutes to reload. It is a fairly loud gun with quiet cocking and loud shooting. My Rampage’s shooting range is normally 55 to 60 feet. Its colors are mostly blue with a orange chamber on its side. The gun is about 2 feet long 6 inches high.


Now lets talk about Retaliator. This gun can be taken apart and changed between 4 modes rifle, pistol and 2 more. Shoots about 50 to 55 feet a pretty good distance. Comes with 12 darts and is takes about 30 seconds to reload. Its also a great gun for almost any mission it does not make a lot of noise when shooting is an okay sniper has good accuracy for 30 feet before it starts to drop. Its about 10 inches long in pistol mode 2 and a-half feet long in rifle in shorter rifle mode is about 2 feet and in the last mode is also 2 feet. Colors are blue and orange and some white. So pick up your Nerf guns come up with a strategy and have a Nerf war or go on a secret mission or just practice. Just remember its Nerf for nothing.

Lego ninjago ninjacopter vs overborg review

ninjacopter    The Ninjacopter is a high tech fighter jet hacked by Zane using his techno-blade. A techno-blade is a weapon that can hack in to a machine to give the user complete control over it. This Lego set is one of my favorites. It can change from attack to defense mode, has rotating cannons and lots of flick missiles. It also has a lot of detail but is a pretty simple set and is a great model for kids and teenagers. I would recommend this set for ages 7 to 13. It also includes 2 nindroid  jets that can fuse together to make a bigger model. This Lego set comes with 4 mini-figs Pixal a robot, Zane also a robot and 2 nindroids.                                                                                                overboarg

Now lets do a review on another great set the Overborg attack. This set is a sorta small in most stores its about $20. Its like a off road robot tank with saws on each side to slice up rubble, rocks, dirt, trees you name it. One things for sure and that its built for destroying. The rider is Cygrus Borg an inventor that was mind controlled by the evil Over Lord and turned bad. The set includes the green ninja and his speed bike and Cygrus Borg. I hope you enjoy staging your own fights with your Lego sets like I have.