Nerf Mega Centurion Review

This is one of my favorite Nerf guns they made in the N-Strike Elite series this year. Its darts are big enough to fit a normal dart inside it. Centurion comes with a flip down BI POD legs.This gun has great accuracy within 50 feet but after that it starts to drop down nerfmegalittle bit.This gun is VERY HEAVY and is sometimes a little hard to pull back. But other than that it is a really good gun.



Japanese Beyblades

I recently found out that Amazon sells Japanese Beyblades. I bought one and compared it to the American version and the Japanese version spun longer, hit harder, and looked a lot more realistic.The Japanese Beys have a lot of stickers that tend to fall off but are much better than the American Beyblades.

I am going to buy Phantom Orion soon. I have heard that he can spin up to 7 to 12 minutes. I will enjoy doing a review on him very much.

The Rancor Pit

pitrancorI have completed my Rancor pit set after many hours of building. It took me about 3 or 4 hours to finish the entire set. My favorite feature of the set is the gate which will shut if you pull the lever back. The Rancor is 4 and a half inches tall and its mouth is big enough to hold a minifigure. This is my favorite Star Wars set that I have so far, and hope you will enjoy it as I have.

Nerf Vortex Pyragon



Every Nerf gun has different features for different situations.The Nerf Pyragon is a good gun if your looking for a gun with speed and good accuracy. It can shoot up to 40 darts and has a slam fire. From my tests it shoots up to 55 feet. It is good for going up against 5 to 10 enemies.The only downside is that it is heavy and a little clunky other than that it is a good Nerf gun and highly recommended .